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Bow & Stern Thrusters

We offer a supply and fit service to all our clients, to retrofit bow and stern thrusters to your craft.  Thruster can be fitted to any craft.

We provide the full service including all fibreglass work and mechanical installation.

We also offer a full launch and test facility to our clients and if required hands on training.

The installation of bow and stern thrusters changes the handling capabilities of your craft to such an extent that you will wonder how you managed without them.

Better manoeuvrability at low speeds mean you can dock your boat with ease and complete safety, especially in tricky weather conditions.

The use of a thruster makes you less dependent on having a skilled crew, so this means you can go boating whether you’re alone or with others. To conclude, having a Bow Thruster or even a Stern Thruster on your vessel will increase your boating pleasure and make it a safer and stress free experience.